Managing and preserving wealth in an unstable, international context, holding different classes of assets in various jurisdictions, all of the above has become a very complex task. Indeed the tax and legal framework our clients are confronted with is in permanent evolution. Therefore, the need for sophisticated, onshore tax optimisation solutions is more paramount now than ever before.

Initium advises High Net Worth Individuals with complex wealth planning needs on how to best structure their professional and private assets and  implement a sound succession plan. We help our clients mitigate tax and design their optimal wealth architecture. Initium creates the most appropriate legal vehicles in the most suitable jurisdictions, ensuring that these can be fine tuned to adapt to its clients specific and evolving needs, whether dictated by external event such as a change in legislation, or by the birth of a child in the family or the desire to engage in philantropic activities.

Moreover, Initium has developed an expertise in relocating private clients to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Singapore and other countries.

Initium is your long term strategic partner, ensuring preservation of wealth over generations.
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